Beautiful Lombok Island

12 Mar
Many do not realize the beauty that is stored on the island is a vacation but most kepulau bali usually also want to go to this place. may not be complete if it did not go to the island of Lombok. Not only domestic tourists who vacation here but also many foreign tourists who come.

With beautiful beaches and wonderful, Mount Agung Rinjani and spectacular marine life interesting for crawling, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara has many tourist destinations both on land and at sea. No wonder the most popular destinations on Lombok Lombok.

Pay a visit here to feel the big wave surfing on the south coast. Challenge your guts to climb the volcanic peaks. Hire bicycles and motorcycles to get around the rice fields along the road. Where do you want meghabiskan time, you will not be disappointed with the spectacular natural beauty here.

Here is the largest resort in Senggigi, a port city located on the coast of the port that provides a golden sunset in Bali incredible. Extraordinary views of the sunset is the perfect enjoyed with a cup of drinks are available at the sea front restaurant.

Other guests on Lombok choose to spend their time on the island of Gili-Gili, a secluded tropical island with beaches magnificent and luxurious surroundings.

Lombok is a native of Sasak, Lombok is also home to the Balinese Hindus, and also a number of Chinese, Javanese, Bugis and Arab.

A number of people embraced the Islamic faith Wektu Sasak Telu the didefinisikann as “Islam three times” refers to those who pray three times a day and unlike the Muslims who pray five times a day. Wektu Barbadensis is a unique religion that combines ancient Islamic traditions and beliefs, this belief is found only in North Lombok. Those who undergo this belief are Muslims but at the same time undergo traditional rituals. Examples Nyiu ceremony held one hundred days after someone dies. The family of the deceased to present such as clothing, toothbrushes and food so the dead can rest in peace in heaven.

Other religious festivals celebrated at the beginning of the rainy season (October to December) or the harvest season (April-May) to celebrate in villages throughout the island.

0Sasak culture is vital to the strength and physical skill and a lot of local indigenous culture mereflesika this. Peresehan is one of the local tradition that combines a fight between two men who used a long cane and a small shield-shaped cage Bujung of cowhide.

Music and dance are very important in the Sasak culture. Traditional dances danced during important ceremonies. This dance originated from the dance of war, such as Beleq drum (drum major) to the popular Gerantang Cupak which tells the story of love and romance.

some places you can visit other than that I mentioned above:

1. Suranadi. Here there is a hotel, complete with a pool of warm water and a tennis court. There is also the oldest Hindu temple, located 17 km if riding vehicles from the city of Mataram.

2. Lingsar. Pura with sacred fish in the pond, the location 9 miles to ride vehicles from the city of Mataram.

3. Narmada. Lombok, the botanical garden with swimming pool, as well as there is a Hindu temple that Hindus are often used for praying, location 12 km drive from Mataram.

4. Rock the daylight raid. There is a temple on the rock overhanging to the sea, and if the weather is sunny could see Mount Agung in Bali, as well as nice to see views of the sunset.

5. Senggigi. Natural white sand beaches are clean, surrounded by hotels, guesthouse and bungalow. Very beautiful once, especially if time is sunrise or sunset. Location 10 km drive from Mataram.

6. Sire Beach. Marine Park with exotic coral and fish that swim around more. Located 36 km drive from Mataram.

7. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Celestial north Lombok Island, surrounded by a park of sea. Here lots of people diving or surfing. The island has many hotels and inns, so it can stay here, the beach is still original. To reach this location can use a motor boat.

8. Sukarare. The village where the weaving, this is the right if you want to buy traditional woven Lombok, and see how the weavers does its job. Location about 25 km drive from Mataram.

9. Rambitan\/Sade. The original village, with houses traditional Lombok Sasak, location 50 km drive from the town of Mataram.

10. Kuta\/Tanjung Aan. Mandalika beach with glittering lights, where we can swim, there are hotels and restaurants. Every year there are celebrations of capture\/view Nyale fish, location 56 km drive from Mataram.

11. Mataram. Mataram is the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara. While the Ampenan is an old port city (now moved to a sheet). The town is typical of the ancient architecture of Ampenan, which when cleaned and cared for properly, will become a popular tourist destination.

12. Cakranegara. Is a city in business, there is an agricultural market, bird market, and springs Mayura and pura pura Meru, largest in Lombok. Cakranegara purportedly was the former empire, however the former kingdoms (the site) is already beyond recognition. If you want to by food, so can I buy fried chicken feet, salted egg and a variety of sweets from seaweed.

so, wanna try ..?

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